Cider House BBQ & Pub

50% love it
A serious taste of the south
Don't let this yankee location fool you-- Cider House serves incredible barbeque and deep-fried delights. Plus, the bar serves local apple ciders. The atmosphere is rustic and cozy.


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      BuzzCT Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice Place!
      We were introduced to this p[lace by locals. and Instantly loved the atmosphere and food. One disappointment though: when here as a couple only we didn't feel at all welcomed by the staff, many of whom were obviously gay. Maybe we weren't young, pretty, or rich enough, as there were other tourists who were warmly received. I just found it rather odd, as we haven't encountered that reaction in most other places we patronize.

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      PinoyInVT Over a year ago
      Loves it

      If you're on Weight Watchers, good luck.
      We eat here at least once a week. Jimmy & Tom have created a friendly and fun atmosphere and serve up the best BBQ in Vermont. It's a very popular place for local and visiting LGBT folks.